Caris is a Los Angeles based Americana band that performs as a duo, trio and quartet depending on the venue and event. Additional musicians include drums and keyboards. We mix folk, blues, rock and more into our storytelling-based music. 

David Caris

David Caris is a well-known and frequently sought after guitarist here in La La Land (aka California Americana) and has played with just about everybody who is anybody. But he is much more than an accomplished guitarist. He is an inspired songwriter who writes from the heart about the human condition in a passionate and compelling way that everyone can relate to. His unique style incorporates folk, jazz, blues country and beyond. 

David writes songs about: everlasting saloon singers...isolation of the count ne'er-do-wells...eternal optimism.

Terry Rangno

Terry comes from a show business background that is a perfect fit for David and his music . This former child actor has played and/or recorded with numerous major artists encompassing just about every style of music from rockabilly to folk rock, country, R&B and pop as a player, arranger, recording engineer and producer. He is a compliment to David's vocal and instrumental style and together they have a rich smooth sound the likes of which have rarely been heard.